Alternative investment funds


SDA specialized open alternative investment fund with a private offering for investing in Stablecoins

Open-end alternative investment fund that enables yields realization by trading Stablecoin and currencies on centralized platforms for trading crypto assets

The investment goal of the Fund

The investment goal of the Fund is to enable investors exposure to crypto asset Bitcoin, with a significant reduction of technical and other operational risks related to the independent holding of crypto assets, ie trading in crypto assets.

The Fund’s investment policy is primarily intended for investors who want to achieve long-term exposure to Stablecoins, ie. Cryptocurrencies whose value is linked to USD or some other tangible assets

Investing in the fund is a high-risk investment, and potential investors are especially warned about the characteristics and possible risks of such investments.

Secure storage of funds

We have developed exceptional system of cryptocurrency custody, in cooperation with our Depository bank, which results in a significant reduction in the operational risks of holding cryptocurrencies compared to the level available to the average personal investor.


We provide exposure to a wide range of crypto strategies developed by our experienced Board members

In achieving the investment goal, the SDA Fund will invest its assets by linking them to various automated strategies, ie. products on the Ethereum network, or some other blockchain network, that generate passive income expressed in Stablecoins


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